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The Dragon Koopa Kings and the Plessies

The Dragon Koopa Kings were the greatest and best rulers of the Mushroom Kingdom. They rules around 4500 years about the wonderful world of Koopa Turtles, Toads, Goombas etc. and were incredible wise and good. The most famous of the High Kings from the ancient times are Atonurtok X., Atenophis I. and Turtokhemul I., and their capital was Akheturtoka, the todays Koopa Village.

The Plessies are the cutest dinosaurs since Classic Yoshi. Adult Plessies are still smaller than the Dragon Koopas. And they are so loveful and social. Plessie is a female, and she has three cute children: Plessie Junior, Plessana and Little Plessimo. Their home is the village of Steinkau in Old-Prussia in the world of man.

I hope you like my wonderful artworks. If you want, you can donate to me.

What do you think about my Dragon Koopa Kings? 

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Atonok II., the Pharaoh of Art by HeinztheBlueGiant
Atonok II., the Pharaoh of Art
That is King Atonok II., the Pharaoh of Art. He ruled about the Mushroom World from 859 to 841 BC.
He holds in his right hand his great gift of the sun god Aton: the magic Brush! Atonok II. was the great reformer of the art. And he looks like Akhenaten, the pharaoh from the world of man.
Behind Atonok II. on the right are three of his subjects: a Blue Koopa Turtle (an ancestor of Kooper), a Goomba and a Blue Toad. They are really amazed about her creative ruler.

Characters and Design by me
Sun God Aton-Ra by HeinztheBlueGiant
Sun God Aton-Ra
A new drawing of the egyptian sun god Aton-Ra.
Aton-Ra was the god of Pharaoh Akhenaten. And Aton-Ra is also the god of the Riesenberger and the Mushroom Beings.

Design by me
Kooper, Yvonne and their friends by HeinztheBlueGiant
Kooper, Yvonne and their friends
Kooper and Yvonne, the both cutest turtles of the world, are back again!!!
You can see Kooper and Yvonne with their friends Super Mario and the famous Plessie from the Sprixie Kingdom.
In the bottom are two of Koopers schoolfriends: Benny the Brave, the bravest and wildest Blue Koopa Turtle, and Big Paul, the largest Koopa on school with 180 cm! Benny the Brave is also the boyfriend of Bombette, the cute Bob-omb. Together with Lucky, the big brother of Yvonne, and four other schoolfriends, they helps Kooper and Mario in their adventures against Bowser the Traitor.

Kooper, Super Mario and Plessie belongs to Nintendo
Yvonne, Benny the Brave, Big Paul and Design by me
Turtokhemul II. and Atonok II. by HeinztheBlueGiant
Turtokhemul II. and Atonok II.
We are in the Museum of History in Koopa Village in the Turtle Valley. That are the ancient statues of two famous Dragon Koopa Kings: Turtokhemul II. and Atonok II.!

Turtokhemul II. is on the top. He was the son of the first Dragon Koopa King, Turtokhemul I., and ruled from 2802 to 2701 BC about the Mushroom Kingdom. He was a good and nobel ruler and he created the Parakoopas, the flying Koopas, and the Sword Bros., the guards of the royal palace and the archetype of the Hammer Bros., Boomerang Bros. etc. The sculpture in the museum is in the classic-style and amazing 26 feet tall.

Atonok II. is on the right. He ruled from 859 to 841 BC and was the only king, who resigned through his disease, the Marfan Syndrome. Atonok II. was also the greatest artist of all Dragon Koopa Kings and he reformed the art. His style was the latest amarna-art. His statue in the museum is in the amarna-style and 24 feet tall. He looks like Akhenaten aka Echnaton.

So amazing, those statues of the ancient kings in Koopa Village, the home of Kooper and Yvonne.

Characters and Design by me


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I am very thankful. If you want, you can donate to me for my amazing artworks.

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The Midget Corythos are a genus of the modern Midget Ornithischia, the bird-hipped dinosaurs. And those little cute dinosaurs, which are near relatives with the famous Birdos, lives in the forests in many countries around the world.
Here now the species of the Midget Corythos from the Insterburg Republic aka German Empire:

Western Midget Corytho (Minicorythosaurus vogesenensis)

The Western Midget Corytho is the most famous species of the Midget Corythos in Germany. That species lives in the big Palatinate Forest in the southwestern part of the republic. The males are average 140 cm tall and weights 50 kg, females are shorter and weights 30 kg. The Midget Corythos lives in large groups of 50 to 100 members. And the groups are headed by one dominante male. Those beings are gentle and shy like gorillas. The researcher of the Western Midget Corythos is the famous giant Raimond Riesenberger.

Eastern Midget Corytho (Minicorythosaurus elbsandsteingebirgensis)

The Eastern Midget Corytho is the largest and oldest species of the german Midget Corythos. The species lives in the Lusatian Mountains and the Eastern Elbe Sandstone Mountains in the southern East Germany. The males are average 155 cm tall and weights 65 kg, females are shorter and weights 40 kg. The groups have the same size like those of the Western Midget Corythos. The Eastern Midget Corythos are the most peaceful of all Midget Dinosaurs. The reseacher of the Eastern Midget Corythos is the giant Christophorus Riesenberger.

Middle German Midget Corytho (Minicorythosaurus frankenwaldensis)

The Middle German Midget Corytho finally is the smallest of the german Midget Corythos. The species lives in the Rhoen Mountains, the Thuringian Massif, the Frankenwald and in the Fichtelgebirge. Males are average 130 cm tall and weights 40 kg, females are shorter and weights 25 kg. The groups of the Middle German Midget Corythos are smaller with 20 to 60 members. Unlike the Western or Eastern Species, the Middle German Midget Corythos are underexplored.

The skin colour of the german Midget Corythos is turquoise. The Eastern Midget Corythos, which are the largest Midget Corythos, have the darkest turquoise.
A long time ago, the amazing and wonderful Mushroom Kingdom was ruled by enormous, wise and good High Kings called the Dragon Koopa Kings. They were the honourable ancestors of Morcant the Celt, Hieronymus the Teuton and Bowser the Traitor. And the era of the Dragon Koopa Kings was from 3000 to 442 BC. The greatest era in the Mushroom World of all time.

And here now all 32 ruler of that amazing dynasty:

The Old Empire (3000 to 1702 BC)

The Age of the Horus (Polytheistic Religion)

  • Turtokhemul I. (3000 to 2802 BC), the first king and pharaoh of the Mushroom World; main god was Horus
  • Turtokhemul II. (2802 to 2701 BC), the creator of the Parakoopas and Sword Bros.
  • Userurtok (2701 to 2655 BC)
  • Imhoturtok (2655 to 2602 BC)
  • Schepsesurtok (2602 to 2550 BC), the creator of the Yoshis and Rexes
  • Amenhoturtok I. (2550 to 2463 BC)
  • Amenhoturtok II. (2463 to 2371 BC)
  • Turtokmosis I. (2371 to 2300 BC)
  • Turtokmosis II. (2300 to 2238 BC)
  • Turtokhemul III. (2238 to 2178 BC)
  • Amenhoturtok III.(2178 to 2100 BC)
  • Amenhoturtok IV. (2100 to 2060 BC)

The Age of the Aton (Polytheistic Religion)

  • Atenophis I., the giant (2060 to 1932 BC), the creator of the Goombas and Toads; the new main god became Aton
  • Atenophis II. (1932 to 1835 BC)
  • Atenhoturtok I. (1835 to 1775 BC)
  • Atenhoturtok II. (1775 to 1702 BC)

The New Empire or Amarna Age (1702 to 442 BC)

Early Amarna or Atonurtok Age (Henotheistic Religion)

  • Atonurtok I.(1702 to 1650 BC), first king of the Amarna Age and who made the Aton Religion henotheistic
  • Atonurtok II. (1650 to 1545 BC)
  • Atonurtok III. (1545 to 1460 BC)
  • Atonurtok IV. (1460 to 1410 BC)
  • Atonophis I. (1410 to 1325 BC)
  • Atonurtok V. (1325 to 1230 BC)
  • Atonurtok VI. (1230 to 1145 BC)
  • Atonurtok VII. (1145 to 1046 BC)

Late Amarna or Golden Age (Monotheistic Religion)

  • Atonophis II. (1046 to 949 BC), who made the Aton Religion monotheistic
  • Atonok I. (949 to 859 BC)
  • Atonok II. (859 to 841 BC), the reformer of the art and the only High King, who resigned through his disease
  • Atonok III. (841 to 802 BC)
  • Atonophis III. (802 to 705 BC)
  • Echnok I. (705 to 698 BC)
  • Echnok II. (698 to 661 BC), the older brother of Atonurtok X.
  • Echnatonok (661 to 442 BC), the last high king and greatest ruler of all time

And after the dead of Echnatonok., his three sons Drystan (Celtic), Fatus (Roman) and Thorich (Teutoic) to form a triumvirate for the future reign about the Mushroom World.


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